Washington State Gun Control Forces Closure of Museum’s WWII Rifle Display

Washington State Gun Control Forces Closure of Museum’s WWII Rifle Display

The Washington state background check and gun registration initiative, I-594, that voters passed on November 4 has found its first casualty–the “World War II Pacific Theater” rifle display at Lyndon Pioneer Museum in St. Lynden.

Breitbart News previously reported that I-594 was bankrolled by one-percenters like Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Michael Bloomberg, and Steve Ballmer, among others. Together they pooled over $10 million to pass a background check / gun registration scheme that Breitbart News warned would burden law-abiding citizens while doing little to reduce crime. 

And now the Lyndon Pioneer Museum says they will have to end their WWII rifle display by December 4 or risk being in violation of the new law. 

According to The Bellingham Herald, museum director Troy Luginbill said “costly background checks” would have to done on all the firearms because they are on loan from private owners. I-594 would only allow guns to be loaned without a background check if the loan prevents “imminent death or great bodily harm” or if the guns are antiques.  

The Washington Times reports that guns must be pre-1898 to qualify as antiques.

Chalk it up to more leftist polices gone wild–Bloomberg and company spent $10 million for the passage of a gun control measure that fights crime by shutting down museum displays. 

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