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Jorge Ramos: Obama’s Amnesty Will ‘Demonstrate Our Newfound Power’

Jorge Ramos: Obama’s Amnesty Will ‘Demonstrate Our Newfound Power’

Univision’s Jorge Ramos is already celebrating President Obama’s planned executive action on amnesty, calling it a “triumph for the Latino community.” Ramos has been a passionate advocate for immigration reform–even swimming across the Rio Grande to highlight the dangers illegal immigrants face.

But for Ramos and his audience, Obama’s amnesty order would be a key victory.

“It’ll be a triumph for the Latino community,” Ramos wrote in an email to Time magazine. “It’ll demonstrate our newfound power. This is not something that we got; this is something that we fought for.”

Ramos also pointed out that Obama’s executive action would have a “tremendous impact” on the 2016 presidential race.

“This will be the most important immigration measure in 50 years–since the 1965 change in immigration law. In terms of numbers, it’ll have a wider impact than the 1986 amnesty,” he said. “Although it’ll be temporary, Republicans will have a very hard time rejecting it and not being seen as anti-immigrant or anti-Latino.”


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