Rush Limbaugh: Pro-Amnesty Republicans Like Jeb Bush Will ‘Lose the White House’

Rush Limbaugh: Pro-Amnesty Republicans Like Jeb Bush Will ‘Lose the White House’

Conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh agrees with fellow conservative talk radio host and scholar Mark Levin that the pro-amnesty, pale-pastels wing of the Republican Party only serves up losers in presidential elections. 

When asked on Fox News Sunday about Jeb Bush, Limbaugh said that Jeb Bush is reflective of a “Republican Party” that “is totally absorbed in this comprehensive immigration business, and Jeb is out there claiming the only way he can get nominations is somehow run against the base in the primaries.”

“I think the Republicans have demonstrated they know how to lose the White House, and it’s time to change direction, change strategy,” Limbaugh said. “They’re not going to win by continuing to do the same thing over and over again.”

Limbaugh accused establishment Republicans of wanting “what Obama wants on immigration,” asserting that “they are using the government shutdown as an excuse to not stop him because the truth of matter is they agree with him.”

“Romney agrees with it, Jeb Bush agrees with it, the Chamber of Commerce agrees with it. Obviously, the Republican establishment doesn’t want to stop Obama on comprehensive immigration reform,” the conservative icon continued. “And the American people are being let down here. They’re voting. They’re expressing their desires. They want this stuff stopped and the Republican Party is not listening.”

Levin has called on the GOP to nominate a conservative in 2016 who will ensure that the base, which did not turn out for Mitt Romney, shows up at the polls. When Republicans nominate candidates like Bob Dole, John McCain, and Romney–who do not excite the base–they lose general elections. Jeb Bush, who knows his embrace of pro-amnesty legislation and Common Core will turn off the conservative base, believes he can win the White House if he chooses to run by appealing to mythical “independent” voters who value authenticity and hate phoniness.


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