President Obama Takes over ‘Colbert Report’ for Six-Minute Obamacare Commercial

President Obama Takes over ‘Colbert Report’ for Six-Minute Obamacare Commercial

Fans of the Colbert Report who tuned in late Monday night to see President Obama were shocked to see that the venerable fake-conservative host abandoned his chair so that Obama could take over.

As Colbert queued up his traditional segment “The Word,” Obama came on the set “early” and demanded that Colbert let him take over the show.

“Stephen, you’ve been taking a lot of shots at my job; I decided I’m going to go ahead and take a shot at yours,” Obama said, telling Colbert to “get out of the way.”

Then Obama changed the name of the segment, calling it “The Decree,” using the segment to promote Obamacare.

After Colbert returned, the interview segment began with the comedian gushing about how Obama had fixed the economy with the punchline of asking him why he didn’t fix it sooner.

“I’ll give it to you, you’ve employed a lot of people… mostly as Secretary of Defense,” Colbert joked, referring to Obama’s fourth nomination for the position.

Then he remarked that he was “stunned” that Obama was still the president, even though Republicans won the midterm elections.

The only high point for Republicans might have been when Colbert asked the President about the Keystone XL pipeline, pointing out that it would created jobs and wouldn’t hurt the environment.

When directly asked if he would veto a Keystone bill passed by Republicans in the next Congress, Obama dodged, refusing to answer the question.

Another interesting moment was when Colbert stated that Obama was aggressively responding to a Republican takeover of Congress with a series of orders using his executive power.

Colbert pointed out that part of Obama’s 2008 campaign was warning that President Bush and the executive branch had too much power.

“Then you became president and you seemed to have a whole lot of power…” Colbert began, asking him if it happened to everyone.

Without hesitating, Obama promoted democracy as a “messy system” but one with “checks and balances.”

“Every president, even if on the outside they were complaining, there’s always the temptation to want to go ahead and get stuff done,” Obama said, pointing to a “tendency” for a president to want to get things done without Congress.

He went on to explain that if Congress would actually pass a bill for immigration reform, he wouldn’t have had to act using his executive authority.

“I think that the more that we can get Congress to actually work like it is supposed to, the less these problems come up,” he said.


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