GOP Rep: Republican Leaders Misled Me on Cromnibus Vote

GOP Rep: Republican Leaders Misled Me on Cromnibus Vote

Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) says House Republican Leadership misled him during a procedural vote on the cromnibus Thursday afternoon. 

“Earlier today, I supported the Rule because I was informed by Leadership that the CROmnibus was dead and a short term CR would take its place,” Stutzman said in a statement. “I was very surprised and even more disappointed to see the CROmnibus back on the floor. The American people deserve better.”

The massive government spending measure almost went down during a procedural vote to advance the bill, which squeaked by on a 214-212 vote. Stutzman and Rep. Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI) saved the bill by switching their votes at the last minute. 

Had they not changed their votes, the measure would have been defeated well before the long evening of wrangling that brought about the bill’s ultimate passage.   

“The CROmnibus bill, over 1,600 pages long, does many things but what is most important is what it does not do,” Stutzman added. “It fails to directly address President Obama’s dangerous executive action on immigration and fails to include many of the solutions that could have been passed in January with a Republican House and Senate in an open process.”

According to The Hill, a leadership aide denies that GOP leaders led him astray, telling The Hill that House Speaker John Boehner did not speak to him about it. 

“We don’t know what he is talking about,” the aide told The Hill.


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