Illegals Flock to Government Workshops After Obama Amnesty Announced

Illegals Flock to Government Workshops After Obama Amnesty Announced

Community events are springing up all across the nation aimed at helping illegals learn the moves they will have to make to take advantage of Obama’s announced amnesty. The events also hope to help illegals to avoid being taken advantage of by scammers and con men.

The Associated Press reports that the events are trying to help illegals determine what documents or information they will need to apply for the new status. On Thursday, the White House announced that it was going full speed ahead with its plans to put the framework in place to offer the new application process, despite heavy political pressure and public opinion aligned against the President’s amnesty policy.

But illegals are still in the dark as to what step they will have to take to gain the new legal status. Even during its Thursday press call, operatives at the White House admitted that no machinery has yet been put in place for the application process.

This is where local community groups are stepping in to offer some small bit of guidance. Los Angeles activists, for instance, are trying to set up an event where up to 10,000 illegals can get some help to claim Obama’s amnesty.

“After this big forum, we’re going to have daily orientations. That is what we have to do in order to deal with the demand,” the AP reported that Angelica Salas, executive director of the Coalition for Humane Immigrant Rights of Los Angeles, said on Friday.

One warning common to these events is that against scammers. No one who takes advantage of Obama’s amnesty will have to pay fees to file paper work or to secure their place in line, activists say. So if someone asks an illegal for money, they are con men and are not a legitimate representative of the Obama amnesty team.

Advocates are also warning illegals against being scammed by fake applications where personal information is asked for.

At its website, the U.S. Immigration department has set up a page with information about the coming amnesty process.

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