Illegals May Use Facebook Postings to Meet Exec Amnesty Residency Requirements

Associated Press
Associated Press

Some illegal immigrants may try to use Facebook postings and check-ins to attempt to qualify for President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty.

Immigration lawyer Jocelyn Cortez told 8 News NOW in Las Vegas that illegal immigrants who can’t find bank statements and other forms of documentation to meet residency requirements must “think outside of the box when it comes to producing documents to prove your whereabouts.”

“What did you have? Did you have magazine subscriptions; did you buy stuff on iTunes. Did you have Netflix? We go through a lot of things with them,” Cortez said, adding that many illegal immigrants are turning to “social media sites like Facebook for proof.”

She said, “You can do postings and checking in and that usually has you being at a place at a specific date and time and if you can use that to show you were there than we can submit that to immigration.”

Illegal immigrants who have continually resided in the United States since January 1, 2010 can receive temporary work permits and amnesty under Obama’s action if they also have a child who is a U.S. citizen. Lawyers are advising those applying for temporary amnesty to collect “evidence of physical presence inside the United States on November 20, 2014,” and “evidence of physical presence inside the United States since before January 1, 2010.”


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