After 70% of Illegal Family Units Fail to Appear at Hearings, Feds to Track More with GPS

Associated Press
Associated Press

The Department of Homeland Security will reportedly track more illegal immigrants with GPS devices because a whopping 70% of illegal immigrants who traveled to America as a family unit failed to show up to their immigration hearings.

This summer, illegal immigrants from Central America flooded across the border, believing that “notices to appear” that illegal immigrants receive after being released were  “permisos” to remain indefinitely in America.

The Associated Press reported that “in September, the Homeland Security Department confided to a group of immigrant advocates during a confidential meeting that about 70 percent of immigrants traveling as families failed to report back to ICE as ordered after they were released at the border.”

According to an Associated Press report, as a result, “Immigration and Customs Enforcement earlier this month launched a program to give GPS devices to some parents caught crossing the Mexican border illegally with their children in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley.” The program will reportedly track 250 “heads of households” with GPS ankle bracelets.

In the last fiscal year, Border Patrol agents apprehended (many more are suspected to have entered the country undetected) nearly 70,000 illegal immigrants traveling as families, according to the Associated Press, and “the majority of those people were released with orders to report back to ICE and enroll in a monitoring program called Alternatives to Detention, which allows the government to keep tabs on immigrants while their cases make their way through immigration court.” That “process can take several years,” as there are “more than 429,000 cases are pending in federal immigration court.”

After President Barack Obama announced his executive amnesty in November, he declared that most of the seven million illegal immigrants who do not qualify for his executive amnesty will be less likely to be deported so long as they are not violent criminals.