Watch: Breitbart’s Pollak Interviews with Larry King

Breitbart News Senior Editor-at-Large and author of the e-book, “Wacko Birds: The Fall (and Rise) of the Tea Party,” Joel Pollak sat down with Larry King on his Ora.Tv program “Politicking with Larry King” on Friday.

Pollak argued that the sanctions against in North Korea weren’t “that sweeping” and that the individuals named under the sanctions would simply be replaced. He added that “we have real questions about our security networks, we have questions about intelligence” if it turns out the Sony hack was not conducted by North Korea. And that the US was “incredibly vulnerable” to cyberattacks from foreign countries, a problem that he blamed on failures to sufficiently focus on the cyber realm by administrations of both parties.

He was not bullish on the prospects of President Obama’s Cuba deal being successful, stating it was done the “wrong way,” and that the embargo was “given away, for nothing in return,” and that it was “unclear” what the US would get out of the deal.

Pollak predicted that this would be a “tough Congress to see much legislation passing in” due to vetoes by President Obama and that Congressional and presidential movements would be primarily focused on gaming for the 2016 election.

On immigration reform, he declared “Congress hasn’t really used every tool at its disposal to show that it disagrees with what the president does,” and predicted that Congress might try to pass a bill that only dealt with border security. He also addressed claims that President Obama has used less executive power than previous presidents on immigration by pointing to the president using executive memoranda that essentially have the same power as executive orders.

When asked by King about granting a path to citizenship on illegal immigration, he stated that the sequencing of border security and a path to citizenship was key as “many Americans would agree to a path to citizenship as long as its the last amnesty.”

Regarding racial tensions in the US, he argued that race relations were getting better in “everyday” interactions, but that politically they were”worse than its been in a long time,” and that “America is actually a more tolerant society, on its own, in spite of the politics.”

The discussion then turned to the 2016 election, Pollak declined to reveal his personal preference among the potential candidates, he did reveal his preference for governors, and that he was “not a Jeb Bush fan, necessarily,” although he preferred Bush over “some senators.” He added that he would name Hillary Clinton the favorite to win the election at this point, but that her record would be a problem and her foreign policy record would be questioned, especially her Russia policy.

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