NYPD Barred from Vacation Until Arrests Increase

AP/John Minchillo
AP/John Minchillo

Across New York City, policemen are being put on notice by higher ups, get back to business as usual, or no vacations, or sick days, according to reports.

And borough commanders want to see the proof. “Throughout the city, precincts are being ordered to hand up to borough commanders ‘activity sheets’ indicating the number of arrests and summonses per shift…”

Said one union source, according to the New York Post, “Police officers around the city are now threatened with transfers, no vacation time and sick time unless they write summonses.”

Ironically, it was some of this very type of activity that has led NYPD critics to label them part of the problem, not the solution. At the same time, the slow down in issuing summonses is said to be impacting city revenue.

“But now they’re realizing how much revenue the city is losing and they’re enforcing their will upon us,” he said.

Bratton’s back-to-work edict was still ringing in commanding officers’ ears when the crackdown hit cops on the Thursday/Friday overnight shift at the 105th bordering Nassau County, the officer said.

The lieutenant ordered sector cars from throughout the precinct to converge at Springfield Boulevard and Jamaica Avenue for a driver checkpoint, the officer said.

Meanwhile, at station houses, memos have been posted announcing to cops that “no new days off would be approved beyond already approved vacation days. And there were to be no sick days without a doctor’s note.”


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