Immigration Removal Officer: ‘Significant Portion Of Our Time’ Spent On Exec. Amnesty

Breitbart Texas/Brandon Darby
Breitbart Texas/Brandon Darby

An immigration officer working in ICE’s Enforcement and Removal Operations division says “a significant portion” of officers’ times is now spent helping people determine eligibility for executive amnesty and reviewing cases rather than enforcing the law.

In an email a congressional office shared exclusively with Breitbart News on the condition of anonymity, an unnamed ERO supervisor highlights the irony of the Obama administration’s argument that ICE lacks resources to remove and detain people when so much of officers’ time is spent enacting the administration’s executive orders.

“I love how the Admin keeps parroting how we just don’t have the time or resources or manpower to remove everyone or to remove or keep the so called ‘non priorities’ in custody (we just did a big flush out of custody of mostly reinstatements of prior removals, repeat immigration violators and mostly traffic offenders/those not actually convicted of a significant crime that were in various stages of appeal or removal proceedings),” the ERO supervisor’s email reads.

According to the email, instead of keeping people in custody or removing them, “a significant portion of our time is now spent on” investigating claims to executive amnesty.

Specifically the supervisor writes, officers are: “[r]eviewing and responding to dozens of daily calls from detainees to the ‘community hotline’ forwarded from our HQ to re-investigate their claims of eligibility for the various forms of exec amnesty.”

“Reviewing and responding to emails from various HQ people second guessing or questioning our decisions to detain or determinations of priority levels by various HQ staffers unable or unwilling to read the notes placed in our computer systems justifying priority levels and detention decisions,” the supervisor added.

As well as “reviewing and responding to emails” about executive amnesty, questions about detention priorities and the like from attorneys and organizations with connections to headquarters or more senior officials “to include complaints about every imagined slight, grievance, or emotional injury, (and posting the newest glossy posters informing detainees how to report every slight and grievance for multiple, redundant levels of review).”

“And yet, detained court cases are still scheduled up to 6-7 months away,” the supervisor added.

The congressional office that shared the email with Breitbart News says it is representative of the correspondence the office has been receiving about the implementation of executive amnesty.


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