Pat Caddell: Paris March Shows Obama Doesn’t Want Terror to Be ‘An Issue’

Democratic pollsters Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen slammed President Obama for failing to send any senior officials to the French unity march on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

Schoen said “they [the Obama administration] didn’t even stand up for American values, which to me are transcendent and universal,” and “it was a virtually unprecedented act that reflected so badly on the country, I said I was ashamed.”

Caddell was even more critical declaring, “we were all ashamed by this, we should be…The reason being, when you talk about leadership, first of all remember, these Europeans have appeased their way to some extent, to this problem, and their wake up call was a reason for America to intervene and help lead them, and support that because the war in Europe on this issue, has been a problem, just as you pointed out has been a problem with the elite there.  But more importantly for the President, is what’s really frightening was, they never thought about it. Clearly, this is because their mind set is what it is. He’s sitting in the White House, Biden is sitting in Delaware, and Kerry is off, and they don’t even want to bother with Holder. Because they don’t want to make it an issue. Just like they won’t use [the words] ‘Islamic terrorist.’ It is an insight into what Obama is about. It wasn’t a mistake. It was what their mindset and their attitude about this is and why we are losing the war.”

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