Study: 6% of CEOs Worldwide Cite Global Warming as Top Priority

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The Associated Press

As the global elite gather in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss global warming and other issues, a new survey finds that just six percent of business leaders worldwide believe combatting global warming should be a top government priority, reports the International Business Times.

The study, conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, surveyed 1,300 CEOs from 77 countries. Two-thirds of CEOs cited reducing taxes as a core concern government should remedy.

“I think [concern about climate change] is there; I just don’t think it is as prominent as some of the shorter-term issues,” said PricewaterhouseCoopers Chairman Dennis Nally.

Another top concern among CEOs was overregulation. A full 78 percent said today’s regulatory environment is burdensome — an increase from 2011 when only 59 percent cited regulation as core concern.

“The world is facing significant challenges: economically, politically and socially,” said Nally. “CEOs overall remain cautious in their near-term outlook for the worldwide economy, as well as for growth prospects for their own companies.

Gauging from their actions, those attending the Davos World Economic Forum appear unconcerned about global warming. Indeed, Davos participants are flying 1,700 private jets into Davos to attend the event.