Rush: Scott Walker Has ‘Shown How to Beat the Left’

Talk radio host Rush Limbaugh praised Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) as “the kind of guy the Republicans need to host on one of those chairs they used to take Caesar through the crowds with” and someone who “has shown how to beat the left” on Monday.

“Scott Walker has shown the Republican Party how to beat the left.  Scott Walker has the blueprint for winning, and winning consistently, and winning big in a blue state with conservative principles that are offered with absolutely no excuses.  The left, the Democrat Party, threw everything at Scott Walker trying to destroy him.  They did everything they could.  He not only withstood it all, he survived and triumphed over all of it” he stated.

Limbaugh later continued, “I can’t tell you how many times I have openly expressed my incredulity here that the Republican Party has not, as a national enterprise, attempted to incorporate Scott Walker’s blueprint.  He’s shown how to beat the left, e has shown how to beat the unions, e has shown how to revive a state’s economy, e’s shown how to cut taxes and increase economic output, he has shown how to increase employment in the middle of an Obama economy.  He has done all of this in a state like Wisconsin, big blue state…I really think that Scott Walker is the kind of guy the Republicans need to hoist on one of those chairs they used to take Caesar through the crowds with.  What he’s done in the state of Wisconsin is phenomenal.”

Later on, Limbaugh added, “he takes these people [the left] on right between the eyes.  You know, for every one of you who wish Boehner or McConnell would do X, Y, or Z, Scott Walker’s doing it. Scott Walker has done it, and he’s been doing it for years.”

Limbaugh clarified that he wasn’t endorsing Walker, but concluded “Everything the Republican Party is afraid that will happen to them, has actually happened to Scott Walker, and he took it on, and he skunked ’em. Scott Walker shows that it can be done. Scott Walker demonstrates that you can win, and win big by presenting a stark contrast between yourself and the American left. He has demonstrated you can beat them, win, and win big by being the exact opposite of what they are.”

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