It’s Time for the GOP to Pass ‘National Reciprocity’ for CCW Permits

Bill Pugliano/Getty Images/AFP
Bill Pugliano/Getty Images/AFP

With control of the House and Senate, now is time for Republicans to pass National Reciprocity for concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit holders.

National Reciprocity regards national recognition of CCW permits, so that a state which issues CCW permits to its residents would also recognize all permits from other states that issue them. A driver’s license issued in Kentucky is valid in Idaho or Arizona. National Reciprocity legislation would ensure that a permit for concealed carry is recognized across state lines as well.

Although it may seem like an encroachment of federal power to do this, it really isn’t if you keep in mind that all CCW permits already depend on federal approval for issuance. That’s right — every CCW permit applicant goes through an FBI-run background check for his or her permit regardless of the state of issuance. So in one sense, concealed carry is already a federal matter that states are manipulating by choosing a handful of other states from which they will recognize permits while rejecting the permits from 10, 20, or, in the case of California, 49 other states that also recognize CCW permits.

Think about it — why is a Texas driver’s license good in California, Florida, and Wyoming, but a Texas CCW permit is only good in Florida and Wyoming, not California?

On February 3 Breitbart News spoke with Gun Owners of America (GOA) executive director Larry Pratt about a renewed push for National Reciprocity. Pratt said:

GOA has supported for several years legislation to have states recognize concealed carry permits in all states in the same way that driver’s licenses are recognized. Rep. Marlin Stutzman (R-IN) is planning to re-introduce this measure soon. Imagine this scenario once the bill becomes law: a national conference in New York City might swell the number of people in that large city who are legally carrying concealed firearms. What a nightmare—for criminals.

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