Morris Likens Brian Williams to Hillary, Gore: ‘Deep Personalty Disorder’

Monday on Newsmax TV’s “America’s Forum,” political pundit Dick Morris said NBC News anchor Brian Williams, Hillary Clinton and former vice president Al Gore all have “deep personalty disorders,” evidenced by their almost compulsive need to “put themselves in every situation” and embellish stories.

Morris said Brian Williams can’t keep his $10 million-a-year job, but he could rehabilitate his reputation by going to therapy and doing the work for several years to “genuinely change on the inside.”

Speaking about Hillary Clinton, Al Gore and Brian Williams, Morris said, “Fundamentally this is a character flaw. The reason people like that embellish, is that they feel, I can’t relate to the audience. I’m not good enough for them to listen to me, so I have to create some fiction where I can have a shared experience with them and therefore they will relate to me.”

He added, “That’s rooted in a deep personalty disorder that you need to deal with first and then you can change.”

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