NYT: GOP Gaining Traction by Pushing Campus Carry to End Sex Attacks


Following months of anti-Second Amendment proponents pushing for gun control to reduce domestic violence and assault, The New York Times (NYT) lamented that Republican lawmakers in 10 states have found another way to reduce sex crimes.

The expansion of campus carry seems to be catching on.

According to NYT, support for the passage of campus carry “has been hard to muster” when the argument for doing so was that it “could prevent mass shootings.” But in 2015, “lawmakers in 10 states are who are pushing bills that would permit the carrying of firearms on campus are hoping that the national spotlight on sexual assault will help them win passage of their measures.”

In short, Republicans say women on campus ought to be able to arm themselves for self-defense in the same say that they are allowed to arm themselves once they leave campus.

Republican lawmakers are driving their point home with passion.

For example, during a Florida House subcommittee debate in January, representative Dennis K. Baxley (R-23rd Dist.) told his colleagues: “If you’ve got a person that’s raped because you wouldn’t let them carry a firearm to defend themselves, I think you’re responsible.”

In Nevada — where campus carry is also being pushed — Assemblywoman Michele Fiore said, “If these young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm, I wonder how many men will want to assault them. The sexual assaults that are occurring would go down once these predators got a bullet in their head.”

Keep Guns Off Campus executive director Andy Pelosi said, “The gun lobby has seized on this tactic, this subject of sexual assault. It resonates with lawmakers.”

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