Scott Walker to Meet with Supply-Siders in NYC

AP Photo/Andy Manis
AP Photo/Andy Manis

For those who genuinely remember former President Ronald Reagan and his administration, supply-side economics was a lynchpin of his presidency, and high-profile supply-side economists like Larry Kudlow, Arthur Laffer, and Stephen Moore were considered key parts of his team.

Fast-forward to today and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker is set to meet with those very individuals at “the upscale ’21’ Club in Manhattan,” according to a report by Robert Costa in The Washington Post.

For decades, that trio of friends — all associated with President Ronald Reagan’s economic policies — have been high-profile proponents of using tax cuts to boost economic growth.

Laffer is best known for authoring the “Laffer curve,” an argument for increasing federal revenue by lowering taxes. Moore, a former Wall Street Journal editorial writer and founder of the Club for Growth, now works at the Heritage Foundation. Kudlow, a fixture on cable television, was one of Reagan’s advisers on fiscal and economic matters.

Per the report, the round table meeting is being sponsored by billionaire John Catsimatidis and is said to include other unnamed “wealthy financiers and political personalities.”

Walker has been courting this particular bloc of the conservative movement for more than a year as he has moved closer to running, casting himself as a devotee of Reagan’s economic philosophy in phone calls and meetings.

Last May, Walker appeared at the Four Seasons restaurant in New York for another Catsimatidis-sponsored dinner celebrating Kudlow’s tenure at CNBC, according to the New York Post.


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