Walker: ‘No Amnesty’ for Illegal Immigrants in US

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker (R) declared “there should be no amnesty” on Thursday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

When asked what he believes should be done with illegal immigrants already in the country, he stated “there should be no amnesty. You should secure the border, not just for immigration reasons, but why would you put a fence around three sides of your home and leave the back door open? That’s what we have when we guard our ports, we guard our airports, we don’t guard our borders…beyond that you’ve got to enforce the law. We put the onus on employers to give them an E-Verify type system where they have access to enforce the law.”

Regarding DHS funding and funding for the president’s executive action on immigration, he said “you have got to tie the two together, and instead of playing on defense you have got to play on offense and put the pressure back on the president and his allies.”

Walker also expressed his opposition to Colorado’s legalization of marijuana and his opposition to same-sex marriage. He further said he supported “the legal right for legal citizens to be able to carry and arm themselves”

On ISIS, he stated, “you’ve got to take them out entirely…it takes a combination of building up force in terms of the United States military, which I think has fallen to woefully low levels here, it standing up with our allies like Israel, it means working with other allies around the world, but it also means making partners even in the Arab world…Jordan, certainly Turkey, Saudi Arabia and others — Egypt, for sure, of late have seen what’s happened, they want a leader in America.”

Commenting on the 2013 Obamacare filibuster, Walker said “part of the unique thing we bring to the table, is we don’t just fight. Fighting’s a good thing, and I respect people who stand up and fight on principle, but you’ve also got to find a way to win, not just at the ballot box but win in terms of policies.”

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