Rand Paul Wins CPAC’s 2015 Straw Poll, Jeb Trails in Fifth Place at Eight Percent

Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images/AFP
Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images/AFP

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland — Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul won this year’s CPAC’s straw poll, with Wisconsin  Gov. Scott Walker coming in only two points behind.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz came in third place.

Dr. Ben Carson came in fourth place with 11 percent, and former Gov. Florida Jeb Bush came in last place at eight percent.

Forty percent and thirty five percent of participants said supporting Obamacare and Common Core expansions were deal-breakers.

Participants were also asked about their positions on a variety of conservative hot button issues. Fifty-two percent said economic issues were the most important factor in choosing a GOP presidential candidate.

Thirty-seven percent believed illegal immigrants should be deported and not allowed to apply for citizenship, while 18 percent said illegals should be permitted to stay and get citizenship and voting rights.

Only 22 percent supported the NSA’s data collection, while 44 percent opposed it.

Forty-one percent believed marijuana should be legalized. Fifty-three percent said it should not be legalized for recreational purposes, and 27 percent said it should be outlawed outright. While 74 percent identified as pro-life, but only 20 percent believed that abortion should be outlawed in all circumstances.

There was a 20 percent increase in participation in this year’s straw poll, with 3,007 participants voting. This year, only 17 candidates were accepted, down from last year’s 25.

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