Fournier: Hillary Like Bank Robber Deciding How Much to Give Back

National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier compared Hillary’s e-mail release to a bank robber saying they get to decide how much money to return on Wednesday’s “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.

After Bloomberg Politics Managing Editor Mark Halperin argued that it’s up to employee discretion which e-mails need to be part of public record, Fournier responded, “the argument that Mark is making here would be like saying that somebody who robs bank, once they get the money to their house,they get to decide how much to return. What we’re overlooking here — what she conveniently overlooked here, is that she — she has total right to have, use a personal account. She wants to make that the case, because that’s not a problem. She can have a personal account, what she can’t do is have that account stored outside of the government servers. So she — against violation, clearly against violation, stored all that on a private, dark server registered to her house, kept secret from FOI requests, kept secret from the white house, and now she wants to say, ‘oh, well I get to decide which one of those I will return back to the government. Those are our e-mails. That is, in effect, I think, our server.'”

Fournier added, “she has decided, on her own, what is a personal e-mail. Well, I wonder — I wonder if she thinks that e-mails that she sent to donors to her family’s personal charity, I wonder if she thinks those are personal? So, if there’s a little quid pro quo going on, she doesn’t have to turn it over because that’s — those are personal e-mails, that’s my charity.”

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