Andrea Mitchell: With Friends Like Carville, ‘You Don’t Need Ken Starr’

MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell blasted James Carville’s attempt to defend Hillary Clinton’s private email use, remarking “with friends like that, you don’t need Ken Starr” on Monday.

“So, basically James is saying it wasn’t convenience, as Hillary Clinton said, it was to stop Congress from looking at her emails, which are supposed to be publicly archived. With friends like that you, don’t need Ken Star, I guess you might say” she stated. Although she also said that Carville’s argument was “clearly not the talking points he would have been given by Team Clinton.”

Huffington Post Political Editor and White House Correspondent Sam Stein added, “what Carville essentially said, you’re right, it was she was doing this to hide stuff. And if you’re going to be Secretary of State in an administration that claims to be the most transparent, in the history of administrations, then you’re held to standards that are greater than well, she didn’t want Louie Gohmert going through her inbox. I’m just sorry, that’s the case.” Earlier, he also stated that from what he had heard Carville and other Clinton defenders were “essentially freelancing.”

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