Brzezinski: It’s Like There’s a ‘Moat’ Around Hillary

MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski said that “it almost seems like there’s this moat around” Hillary Clinton on Tuesday.

“I’ve had really hard time getting to her, reaching her, and it’s not just about me. I mean, being able to cover the story, and it almost seems like there’s this moat around her and it’s actually hurting the — a great personality that she has. And from what I have heard from people who have interviewed her, my husband has interviewed her, I’ve talked to his photographers. She’s very personable, really nice and really fun. I wouldn’t know because there’s no access” she stated.

Ron Fournier added, “she’s very friendly, she’s very likable, she’s very smart. She’s a very hard person to not like once you get to know her. So, the best thing she could be doing for her press relations is to let the media who are around her get to know her, and two, don’t spin, don’t dissemble, don’t put this moat around her. She really hurt herself with her press corps two weeks ago when she said ‘oh these emails, that was about convenience,’ when we all know it wasn’t about convenience. And so now there is this doubt about her credibility sowed in the minds of the people who have to cover her.”

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