Ben Carson on Iran: ‘We Must Take a Leadership Role’


In a teleforum Tuesday night, Dr. Ben Carson addressed the Obama Administration’s negotiations with Iran.

“It is important to know facts, you know we’re looking at Iran, for instance, and apparently negotiations going on with the administration – but I’m not sure it’s taking into account all the things Iran has not been doing.”

Carson said the administration is negotiating in a way to legitimize Iran’s behavior and that those kinds of negotiations are not conducive to the safety of the world.

When asked how he would handle Iran differently than President Obama, Carson replied, “With Iran, I would command that we have full inspection capabilities.”

He continued, “Either you have open inspections or you don’t, and if they don’t cooperate with open inspections, you slap on the most severe sanctions possible, and you consider all other options as well.”

He went on to warn about the history of threats from the Iranian regime against the west. “If we allow them to be armed with nuclear weapons, it changes a lot of equations in the world,” he added.

As far as ISIS and other radical terrorist movements, Carson said, “We need to wipe them out, we need to destroy them.”


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