Tea Party Patriots Excited by Paul Presidential Announcement

AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster
AP Photo/Carolyn Kaster

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin expressed excitement at Sen. Rand Paul’s presidential run Tuesday.

“It’s exciting to see another energetic, visionary conservative enter the contest for the 2016 nomination,” Martin said in a statement. “Sen. Paul has been at the forefront of the liberty movement, and he will do a lot to shape the debate as the GOP field expands.”

Paul was part of the Tea Party wave when he was first elected to the Senate from Kentucky in 2010. He officially announced his presidential candidacy Tuesday.

“Rand Paul knows that the paths to prosperity and individual liberty are one and the same; to get there we need a transformational reduction of the role of government in Americans’ lives,” Martin added.

She continued, saying the Paul is a factor in the grassroots movement, given his appeal to your people, adding that Tea Party Patriots “look forward to seeing his plan for advancing personal freedom, economic freedom and a debt-free future.”

Martin concluded by praising the location of his presidential announcement: the Galt House hotel in Louisville, Kentucky.

“And when Rand Paul announces his candidacy at the Galt House, well, he’s won Headline of the Day,” she said.


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