Immigration Activists Hide Material Training Exec. Amnesty ‘Navigators’ In ‘Path To Power’

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Following Breitbart News’ report about the training immigration activists planned to help illegal immigrants prepare for executive amnesty, the Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation has removed the materials from public view.

Thursday, Breitbart News highlighted powerpoint presentations that were set to be used to train what the group is calling “community navigators.” In addition to educating the navigators on various aspects of immigration law and the president’s executive actions, there are slides aimed at defending the programs and amassing power.

“Once the applications are out, the best defense of the programs will be huge number of applications for [Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals] and [Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents],” read one of the powerpoint slides.

By Friday morning the powerpoints were no longer available at the organization’s “Administrative Relief Resource Center” website.

“The file you’re looking for has been moved or deleted,” the page now reads.

The powerpoints were intended to be part of a curriculum for the “community navigators,” set to be offered in the coming days.

“Community navigators (or promotores) are volunteers who receive specialized training to provide quality immigration services for their communities in an empowering and effective way. The Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation (CIRI) has developed a curriculum for organizations to use to train navigators who will be engaged in outreach, organizing, screening, document preparation, and/or application assistance related to administrative relief implementation,” reads the program’s description, still on the group’s schedule for April 13.

“The training has been fully vetted by the CIRI subcommittee on regional coordination, as well as the CIRI steering committee. We will introduce the model and discuss how it can be adapted for various contexts and demographics,” it adds.

Among the slides that led one GOP congressional aide to comment, “We’ve always known this was about recruiting Democrat voters and fundamentally transforming America. Now they’re not even hiding it anymore,” were those about defending the actions and voting.

“Components Of Defense,” read headline of one slide. It continued “Hosting house meetings; Hosting/attending large info sessions; Participating in our org! Signing people up!; VOTING.”

Another slide focused on solidifying power. “VOTE!!” read the headline, with its first bullet point reading “Path to Power” followed by another bullet point that reads “If you can’t vote: Register others; Canvas; Participate in campaigns.”

CIRI did not immediately respond to request for comment.


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