David Corn: Hillary Will ‘Throw Obama Under the Bus’ on Foreign Policy

Mother Jones DC Editor David Corn predicted Hillary Clinton will “throw Obama under the bus” on foreign policy on Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC.

New York Times Political Correspondent Patrick Healy said that the Republican Party’s recent ad against Hillary “brings up real issues. How is she going to define herself compared to Barack Obama, as much as compared to the Republicans. It seems like that’s one of her her short-term challenges right now, it’s to figure out a way to kind of thread the needle, to talk about the economy, wage growth, jobs in a way that — look, there has to be some criticism, I think of what’s going on over the eight years. She has to find some way to differentiate herself.”

Corn initially stated “I don’t think it’s criticism. I think she has to say Obama dealt with a crisis, an economic crisis, got it to a certain point, not as far as anyone wants to go, here’s how we go further. I think that would play well.”

When asked how Hillary would differentiate herself from Obama if she’s put on the spot, Corn responded “foreign policy, she’ll find some — she’s already done that in her book, and she’ll throw Obama under the bus on some foreign policy issues depending [on] what’s happening at the time.”

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