Levin: Hillary Believes In Gov’t ‘Spending Like Drunken Marxists’

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments,” Mark Levin argued that Hillary Clinton believes in the government “spending like drunken Marxists” on Tuesday.

Levin said, “[Hillary] also supports free community college. I’m thinking to myself, free community college, OK, we have a [113] trillion dollar debt when you look  at on-budget fiscal operating debt and unfunded liabilities, and now they’re talking about free community college. Who pays for that? Nobody pays for that, there’s no money left. So, in the end, the very individuals who think they’re getting freebies, young people, are the people who are going to have the debt burden to deal with it. But Hillary doesn’t care.”

Levin added, “I love the way they talk about massive debt…’we’re investing’…no, you’re not, you’re spending like drunken Marxists, aren’t you?”

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