Stonewalling Capitol Police in Disarray as Assistant Chief Retires and Status of Chief Remains Uncertain

AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana
AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Daniel Malloy, the controversial Assistant Chief of the Capitol Police is retiring. Yet the employment status of his boss, embattled Capitol Police Chief Kim Dine, remains uncertain.

Roll Call reported on Friday that Dine had submitted his letter of resignation to the three member Capitol Board to whom he reports. Late Friday, citing parts of an email Dine sent to Capitol Police employees, Fox News reported Dine intended to stay. But Roll Call, after obtaining the full email, did not reach the same conclusion.

Breitbart News has attempted, in multiple emails and phone calls, to receive a confirmation or denial of Chief Dine’s resignation. However, the Capitol Police Public Information Office has refused to respond, going back to Friday afternoon.

The troubled Capitol Police leadership team has been involved in a number of recent controversies. Since January of this year, for instance, they have failed to release any information, including the Capitol Police Event Report, describing the circumstances surrounding Sen. Harry Reid’s New Year’s injuries.

Other controversies include the jostling of former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at Capitol Hill hearings, the “stand-down” orders issued during the Washington Navy Yard killings, a 2015 State of the Union traffic incident where they failed to press charges, and the 2013 killing by Capitol Police of a mom driving erratically around Capitol Hill.

Senator Reid’s office confirmed on January 2 that his Capitol Police security detail drove him from his Henderson, Nevada home on January 1 to St. Rose Dominican Hospital, but the Capitol Police Public Information Office has steadfastly refused to release the associated Capitol Police Event Report, which would include the critical information as to what time of day the incident occurred.

As Breitbart News has reported, neither of the two public explanations Reid has offered to describe how he sustained his injuries are credible.

The Capitol Police Public Information Office announced Assistant Chief Malloy’s retirement in a statement released today:

The United States Capitol Police (USCP) today announced that Assistant Chief of Police and Chief of Operations Daniel Malloy has announced his retirement from the United States Capitol Police, effective April 30, 2015.

Throughout his distinguished 30-year career with the USCP which began in 1985, Assistant Chief Malloy has demonstrated a tremendous amount of dedication to the women and men of the Department. He has exhibited great leadership consistent with USCP core values and always works cooperatively, putting the Department first.

Throughout his tenure, Assistant Chief Malloy has gained vast experience working collaboratively with internal and external stakeholders and law enforcement partners. His varied experiences and his personal leadership traits have served the Department and the Congressional community well.

“I want to thank Assistant Chief Malloy for his incredible loyalty, hard work, and dedication to our mission and to the men and women of the Department. His support and leadership has had a direct impact on the USCP. Assistant Chief Malloy’s tireless efforts, relentlessly positive attitude, and true example of hard work have been a positive example for so many and has moved many elements of our vision forward,” said Chief of Police, Kim C. Dine.

Breitbart News posed several questions to Lieutenant Kimberly Schneider, the Capitol Police Public Information Office contact named on the release, this afternoon:

1. Was the retirement of Assistant Chief Malloy related in any way to his handling of the New Year’s Day incident in which then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid was injured?

2. Will the Capitol Police now release the Event Report filed by Senator Reid’s security detail on January 1?

3. Can you confirm or deny that Chief Dine has also submitted his resignation to the Capitol Board?

4. Can you confirm or deny that Chief Dine has rescinded his letter of resignation to the Capitol Board?

We have not yet received a response to these inquiries.

Earlier on Tuesday, Breitbart News spoke with Capitol Police Assistant Inspector General for Investigations Michael A. Bolton, requesting an investigation into the Capitol Police cover up of the details surrounding Senator Harry Reid’s New Year’s Day injuries.

“The Assistant Inspector General for Investigations (AIGI) is responsible for the overall investigative and oversight activities of OIG relating to the programs and operations of the United States Capitol Police,” according to the Capitol Police website.

“OIG investigates violations of regulation or law and is responsible for the prevention, detection, and investigation of fraud, waste, and abuse in connection with USCP programs and operations,” the website states.

Assistant Inspector General Bolton expressed no desire to investigate the unknown details surrounding Reid’s New Year’s Day injuries, or the conduct of the Capitol Police for their role in the incident.

When asked if the Capitol Police Public Information Office’s failure to disclose critical information the public has the right to know about the details surrounding then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s New Year’s Day incident was an area that the Inspector General’s Office would consider investigating, Bolton responded that it was not.

“No,” Bolton told Breitbart News.

“Not really as long as they [the Capitol Police Public Information Office] are following their policies and directives,” Bolton added.

Breitbart News pointed out the the policies and directives of the Capitol Police are not publicly available.

Bolton then referred Breitbart News to Capitol Police General Counsel Gretchen DeMar to obtain copies of those policies and directives. DeMar has not returned our calls.


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