Video: Wheelchair-Bound Woman in Path of Baltimore Riot’s Thrown Projectiles


A shocking video of Saturday’s violent riots in Baltimore, Maryland show an individual shielding a handicapped woman caught in the sights of a mob throwing bottles, trash cans, and other objects at random bar patrons.

The video, highlighted by blogger SooperMexican, gives a first-person perspective of an assault on Bullpen, a bar near Orioles Park, which Breitbart News’s Matthew Boyle also reported on Saturday evening. A new detail seen at this angle shows that the mob’s victims include a woman in a motorized wheelchair (first appearing at 1:04).

Another bar patron stands in front of the woman to shield her from the barrage of refuse thrown by the mob. Among the biggest objects thrown are half-full trash cans and Red Bull-branded patio tables.

Boyle’s account of the fracas captures the intensity of the violence against random bystanders with no ties to the police or the death of Freddie Gray, the purported reasons for the protest gone violent:

All of a sudden, beer bottles and cans, and other projectiles were lobbed by the protesters into the crowds of fans. To get those projectiles, the protesters stole them forcibly from the bartenders and vendors set up outside each of those three bars. One beer can whizzed by my brother’s face, missing him by about six inches, and more flew all over the crowded area.

The crowd of protesters then stopped a blue station wagon carrying a white family as they tried to drive past Pickles, Bullpen and Sliders along a narrow one-way stretch between the bars and the main road. As a horde of them smashed their open and closed fists on the hood of the car—while impeding them by standing in front of them—the driver backed up on the one way pass in a desperate attempt to get out of dodge. Then, stopped on the other side with nowhere to go, protesters ripped open the passenger door of the car and began reaching around inside the vehicle. As hundreds of people looked on, including several police officers who didn’t engage the violent protesters, the white woman in the front seat—middle-aged and a little heavyset with dark hair—was visibly terrified. The group of black men who ripped open the car door suddenly realized they were separated from the larger group of protesters and abandoned their quest to seemingly either carjack the station wagon or rob the people inside in front of hundreds, driving out of the one-way street back onto the main road and presumably out of dodge.

Boyle reports that the Mayor of Baltimore temporarily ordered a lockdown of Orioles Stadium during the baseball game, keeping the audience inside until conditions became more safe. The lockdown was lifted at the top of the game’s tenth inning.


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