School Gunman Tackled by Teacher, Cuffed by Resource Officer, No One Hurt

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

On April 27, a 16-year-old student at North Thurston High School in Lacy, Washington, allegedly pulled out a revolver and shot two rounds into the ceiling before being tackled by a teacher and then handcuffed by the school resource officer.

According to, the incident occurred just before 7:30 am. Lacey Police Commander Jim Mack said the “student… fired one shot into the ceiling in a second-floor hallway, and then went into a common area and fired a second shot into the ceiling.”

The school resource officer responded but could not take a shot at the gunman because of the students near him. The officer was repositioning to take a shot when Advanced Placement Government and Civics teacher Brady Olson tackled the gunman without incident.

He held the gunman down until the officer handcuffed him. The gunman said he had no plans to hurt anyone.

A student who witnessed the incident, Anthony Rybalkin, said, “When Mr. Olson tackled him, he still had it (the gun) in his hand. I don’t know if one of the other teachers took it or not.”

Investigators searched the gunman’s family home and “recovered another gun,” and they say “both weapons were legally owned by the parents.”

Proponents of I-594 have yet to comment on why their bill did not stop this act of gun violence.

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