Dr. Ben Carson: ‘Take Control of Your Children,’ Protect Them From ‘Agitators’

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images/AFP
Washington, DC

Likely GOP presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson is urging “parents, grandparents and guardians to please take control of your children and do not allow them to be exposed to the dangers of uncontrolled agitators on the streets.”

More than 15 police officers were injured in Baltimore Monday after high schoolers began to riot after school. The riots continued to grow throughout the night.

“As a former resident of the city of Baltimore, it is very unfortunate to see the destruction taking place by irresponsible individuals,” Carson said.

The riot comes after a black man, Freddie Gray, died earlier this month while in police custody.

“It is vital to remember that the best way to create positive change is through peaceful conversation and policy ideas that display a commitment to resolution,” said Carson. “My thoughts and prayers are extended to those who are experiencing fear during this troubling time.”

The riot and looting is continuing to brew during broad daylight Tuesday morning.

Sheriff David Clarke weighed in on Fox News Tuesday morning, saying the failure of leadership was to blame for the growing chaos.


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