Krauthammer: Clintons ‘Make Their Own Rules’

Columnist Charles Krauthammer declared that the Clintons “make their own rules and they take the money where they can” on Wednesday’s “O’Reilly Factor” on the Fox News Channel.

Krauthammer said that controversies around the Clinton Foundation, is “going to have an impact on her election campaign. it’s not going to be immediate. There’s not going to be a spike, or a dip spike, a negative spike in her polls. But I do think it’s going to solidify the impression people have. Now, she comes into this as probably the best defined, let’s say predefined candidate in memory…I think what this does is it prevents a rebranding. When you have a candidate who runs and loses and he comes back or she comes back, they want to come back with a fresh slate.” And “who she is and what she is now redefined as the way she was. These are people who live on the edge. They make their own rules and they take the money where they can.

He continued that Republicans should make the foundation an issue, “you simply have to say ‘you’re Secretary of State, you’re representing the country, you’re making decisions, and at the same time, foreign governments are clearly currying favor with you by giving to your foundation.” And “there’s a whole litany of things that are in here. And any Republican candidate who’s afraid to bring it up and to challenge her should not be the nominee.”

Krauthammer concluded, “Republicans have to raise it. You don’t got to do it today. There’s going to be a long campaign, but they are going to have to hammer at this because that’s her weakest point.”

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