Anarchists Threatening Breitbart’s Brandon Darby as He Reports from Baltimore

"Informant" Music Box Films
"Informant" Music Box Films

The “professional protesters” of the left currently instigating unrest in Baltimore learned on Friday that Breitbart News’ Brandon Darby had arrived in Baltimore to report on the developing turmoil and many jumped to their social media accounts to warn each other and threaten the reporter.

Darby arrived in Baltimore a few days ago and has been reporting from the streets there, but the anarchists apparently only just learned of his arrival. Their social media posts are vicious and threatening.

Darby is attacked as a “snitch,” and “informant,” and in some Tweets he is cursed and threatened with violence.

Darby himself had a bit of a laugh at all the sudden commotion over his arrival in Baltimore.

Darby was also defiant in the face of the left’s threats. Noting that he is about to fly to Washington D.C. to address the RightOnLine conference, Darby said, “I’m supposed to leave to speak at RightOnline and now I have to stay a little longer. Can’t leave when threatened.”

He went on to say:

What I’ve seen here is that young, angry teens rioted and local black leadership stepped in to quell the violence. But these career anarchists show up to the latest disaster and start advocating violence, as evidenced by their social media attacks on me. It’s sad for predominantly white, far-left radicals with well-off parents to treat the low-income black communities of Baltimore as just their latest stop on a perpetual disaster tour.

But the threats and alarm shows the left’s desire to shut down the media unless that media follows the anarchist’s playbook.

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