Live Updates–Baltimore Curfew, Night 4: Freddie Gray’s Arresting Officers Indicted

Baltimore Police Department

Breitbart News delivers live coverage of the situation in Baltimore, MD after six police officers were indicted for the death of Freddie Gray. Whether that will satisfy protesters and prevent another night of violence and riots remains to be seen.

1:41 AM EST: Dan Fleuette’s report on the ground level:

The organic uprising led by members of the inner city community, which started after Freddie Gray died in the hospital after being apprehended earlier in April, has slowly transitioned to a manufactured uprising, and appears to be coordinated by anarchists and other professional grievance organizations.

While Monday’s protests were violent and destructive, once the city imposed a curfew, there was little activity on the streets after 10PM, Tuesday’s tear gassing notwithstanding.

Tonight at Baltimore’s City Hall, there was a palpable sense of agitation in the crowd around curfew time — a small group of protesters flatly refused to honor the curfew and were quickly dispatched by police. I personally witnessed six arrests.

As far as I could tell, there were none of Freddie Gray’s peers, friends, or neighbors in the crowd that was left after the curfew. Rather, there were young white anarchists, “students against Israeli apartheid” (who incidentally claimed to have seen police beating on protesters), and other black bloc protesters who were being arrested and defying police.

My prediction: if the protests and violence continue, it will be young white kids wearing masks over their faces that you’ll see on the television, not inner city Baltimore residents.


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12:25 AM EST: Official tallies from the police presser.

11:18 PM EST: Calm.

11:06 PM EST: Chatter slowing considerably. Arrest tally:

10:45 PM EST: “[The media is] the issue.”

10:38 PM EST: Roundup.

10:33 PM EST: Cops less lenient with media tonight than the rest of the week.

10:30 PM EST: Cops dominant.

10:26 PM EST: Conflicting reports–some say it’s getting calm, some seeing more intensity.

10:19 PM EST: Initial freakout seems a little overstated.

10:18 PM EST: nooooooooooooooo

10:12 PM EST: Getting hotter.

10:11 PM EST: A little heat.

10:02 PM EST: Defiance.

9:59 PM EST: NAACP weighs in:

The NAACP applauds Maryland State Attorney Marilyn Mosby for taking this bold and important first step toward justice for Freddie Gray, his family and the Sandtown-Winchester community. We are encouraged by today’s charges, but we know that this is just the beginning.  The NAACP has been committed to the fight against racial profiling and police brutality throughout our 106 year history and with this indictment; we will continue our work both locally, statewide and nationally on criminal justice reform including passage of the End Racial Profiling legislation.

9:51 PM EST: Back to the protests. Curfew in 10.

9:49 PM EST: Prince performed his new song about Baltimore. Let the healing begin.

9:47 PM EST: Alan Dershowitz voices his disagreement with the decision to indict the six officers.

“This is a very sad day for justice in the United States, in Baltimore and in Maryland,” Dershowitz said. “Today had nothing to do with justice. Today was crowd control. Everything was motivated by a threat of riot and a desire to prevent riots.”

9:43 PM EST: And some video.

9:41 PM EST: More photos from Dan Fleuette:

Following the indictment of six police officers in the Freddie Gray case earlier today, the intersection of Penn/North, the site of unrest throughout the week, and close to where Freddie Gray was arrested, erupted in spontaneous celebration throughout the day today.

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9:04 PM EST: More images from Breitbart’s Dan Fleuette:

Baltimore City Hall, the site of numerous rallies and protests throughout the week, including Wednesday’s rally which drew thousands, was significantly smaller today following the indictments of Baltimore police officers today.

The rally also had a much different makeup than the earlier ones. While there were many spontaneous celebrations throughout the city following the indictments, there were significantly less representative of Freddie Gray’s community at the City Hall rally.

Instead we saw a hodgepodge of professional political grievance organizations like the SEIU, the communist party, art school students, people giving away free cake, and a person reminding us not to forget girls, women, and trans people. Also, a woman who is no fan of Scott Walker.

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9:02 PM EST: More info on the arrested officers.


Goodson was the driver of the van that transported Freddie Gray, and he faces the most serious charges. Mosby said Friday that Goodson repeatedly failed – at least five times – to seatbelt Gray in the transport vehicle. Overall, Goodson faces six charges, including “second-degree depraved heart murder,” which carries a potential 30-year sentence.

Goodson, 45, has been on the force since 1999, and like two others charged in Gray’s death is black. Online court records list the three other officers’ race in a category that includes Caucasians and people of Arab descent.


White is the second-highest officer charged in the Gray case. She met the van at its stop to pick up the second person. White, 30, was responsible for investigating two citizen complaints about Gray’s arrest. White, who is black, joined the police in 2010 and was recently made a sergeant in January 2015, police said.

During the stop, White, Goodson and Porter saw Gray unresponsive on the floor. White “spoke to the back of Gray’s head” but he did not respond, Mosby said. The group did not call for medical assistance.

8:17 PM EST: The officers’ mugshots are released to the public. All six are out on bail.


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