China Surpasses Mexico As Recent Immigrants’ Top Nation Of Origin


China and India now top Mexico in the number of immigrants leaving for the United States, according to recent government data.

In 2013, China was the top country of origin for recent U.S. immigrants at 147,000. Indian nationals accounted for 129,000 immigrants, and 125,000 were from Mexico, according to a new study reported by The Wall Street Journal.

Other Asian nations were also top-sending immigrant countries in 2013, including South Korea, the Philippines and Japan, according to the report.

In 2012, China and Mexico were in a statistical dead heat for the top-sending country, with Mexico sending 125,000 immigrants and China dispatching 124,000.

The study, according to the Journal, looked at annual immigration data from the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey from 2000-2013 and was presented last week at the Population Association of America conference in San Diego.

The Journal explains the data as part of an ongoing trend, in which immigration from Mexico has been on the decline while the immigration to the U.S. from the large population nations of China and India have seen more growth over the past ten years.

“A shift in America’s immigrant community will take far longer. In 2012, five times as many immigrants in the U.S. were from Mexico than China,” the Journal’s report reads. “But the changing nature of the immigrant flows seen in the Census study provide a glimpse of what is likely to happen to the overall racial and ethnic makeup of the U.S. population.”

By 2044, the Journal notes, the Census is projecting that there will be no longer be a racial majority in the U.S.