Exclusive: Dallas-Area Mayor Speaks Out On Texas Terror


After Sunday night’s Texas terror Attack in the city of Garland, Mayor Douglas Athas sought to distance his city from the horror wrought by two gunmen, while another Dallas-area mayor boldly spoke out in support of police.

Athas told a Los Angeles Times reporter that the shooting “really doesn’t have anything to do with Garland.”

Meanwhile, outspoken and eloquent Mayor Beth Van Duyne, of the Dallas Metroplex city of Irving, made a strong pro-law enforcement statement exclusively to Breitbart News.

“Obviously, I think this situation is horrendous,” said Van Duyne. “Right now I’m watching the coverage like everyone else.”

“There seems to be a concerted effort to undermine police officers lately,” she continued. “As a mayor, our focus needs to be on public safety, and supporting our police and other security personnel. My heart goes out to the wounded officer and his family, and we pray that he’s all right.”

Mayor Van Duyne became the focus of national controversy recently when she supported a bill calling for “American Law For American Courts.” Islamic and leftist critics described this initiative as “Islamophobic,” and attacked the mayor in personal terms for her support.

The “American Law For American Courts” proposal was made after Breitbart News broke the story of proposed sharia law tribunals in Texas.


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