Time’s Up for ‘Clock Boy’ in New Court Ruling

Time is up for “Clock Boy” Ahmed Mohamed, according to a new court ruling. The Texas teen was made famous for bringing a homemade digital clock-in-a-box to school where it was mistaken for a “hoax bomb.”

Clock Boy with Sudanese Bashir Ashraf ShazlyAFP

Federal Judge Tosses ‘Clock Boy’ Discrimination Suit

DALLAS, Texas — A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit filed by the family of Ahmed “Clock Boy” Mohamed Friday accusing the Irving Independent School District and the City of Irving of religious discrimination.


Culture Clash: Multiple Protests Planned for Texas Mosques

Cultures may clash or even collide in the Dallas area Saturday when pro-Islam, anti-Muslim, armed protesters, and pacifists demonstrate at two area hotbed mosques. One mosque is in Irving, former home to ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed, and the other, in Richardson.

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Groups Collide Around Texas Mosque Protests as KKK Enters the Fray

The Ku Klux Klan has entered the fray of groups rallying at the Islamic Center in Irving, Texas. A white supremacist group, the Texas Rebel Knights, planned a rally at the mosque for December 12. A counter-rally to the KKK rally has been planned by religious groups, now 400 strong, reported WFAA8 in Dallas.

Ku Klux Klan

‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed’s $15M Demand Letter Falls Short of Serious Case

Ahmed Mohamed’s lawyers are demanding $15 million, according to letters to the city of Irving, Texas, and Irving Independent School District (ISD) that list their grievances. While it is possible that on one or more issues Mohamed might have a claim, most—if not all—of this lawsuit appears meritless.

Ahmed Mohamed "Clock Boy" meeting President Obama

Richard Dawkins Compares ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed to Islamic State Child Soldier

Richard Dawkins posted a Tweet on Tuesday that compared “Clock Boy,” Ahmed Mohamed to the Islamic State child soldier who beheaded a man and it was captured on video. After being attacked on Twitter, he is backing down from his original statement and saying he was only making the comparison of them being young boys.

Ahmed Mohamed

New York’s Muslim Cop Society Champions Muslim ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed

An officially recognized society of Muslim police officers in the New York Police Department are championing the Muslim boy who is accusing Texas police of racism because they questioned him about his clock-in-a-box that he showed to school teachers. The Texas police suspected the jury-rigged clock-in-a-box was a hoax-bomb, not an actual bomb.

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Obama’s ‘Cool Clock’ Muslim Boy Claims Racism to Foreign Audience

The Muslim American boy championed by President Barack Obama is using his new worldwide fame to accuse Texans of racism and anti-Muslim discrimination. “My dream is to raise consciousness against racism and discrimination,” he said at a New York press event with Turkey’s Islamist Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu, according to an article in the Turkish newspaper,


Police Report Blocked by Possible Ahmed’s ‘Clock’ Lawsuit

The Texas police department at the center of the Muslim-clock-inside-a-box controversy wants to bottle-up information that would help the public decide if Texas teachers and police were unfair to the Muslim boy who brought a suspected hoax-bomb to school — or if Texans were smeared as haters by progressives and President Barack Obama.


MIT Students Hang Clock in Support of Muslim Texas Teenager

To support Ahmed Mohamed, the Muslim high schooler who found controversy when he brought a purportedly homemade clock to his Texas high school, students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology hung a clock of their own in the school’s entrance.

MIT digital clock @jfgm Twitter

Texas Police: Mohamed ‘Clock’ Suspected As Hoax Bomb

In the face of criticism over how his department handled the call to investigate 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed’s “homemade clock,” Irving, Texas, police Chief Larry Boyd insisted on Friday that they handled the situation professionally, quickly, and properly.

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CAIR Calls Alleged Texas High School ‘Hoax Bomb’ Islamophobic

A 14-year-old North Texas high school freshman says school officials overreacted when they called police after thinking his elaborate digital homemade clock invention was a hoax bomb but the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) also stepped in with a little overreacting of their own, alleging the incident as Islamophobia.

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Exclusive: Dallas-Area Mayor Speaks Out On Texas Terror

After Sunday night’s Texas terror Attack in the city of Garland, Mayor Douglas Athas sought to distance his city from the horror wrought by two gunmen, while another Dallas-area mayor boldly spoke out in support of police.