Donald Trump: ‘Rich People Don’t Like Me’–Poor, Middle-Income People ‘Like Me Best’

AP Photo/Randall Hill
AP Photo/Randall Hill
On Breitbart News Sunday, businessman and potential GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump said that though elites and the rich do not like him, poor and working-class people do.
Saying that he considers himself “a man of great common sense and business acumen,” Trump told Breitbart News Executive Chairman and host Stephen K. Bannon that working Americans are drawn to his potential candidacy because they know that he has been a successful businessman who has created “tens of thousands of jobs.”
“The people that like me best are poor people and middle-income people,” Trump said. “The rich people don’t like me.”
He added that, “I get along much better with the middle class.”
“I would save the middle class,” he said. “I know what to do. Our jobs are all being taken out of our country.”
Trump said that elites do not like him because he knows how to play the games better than they do and would use that knowledge to help the middle class.
“I know the games,” he said. “I know them better than they do.”
Trump also credited his millions of followers on Twitter and Facebook for helping him push back against legacy and left-leaning media outlets that attack him and have nothing but disdain for non-establishment figures like Trump who do not need them to get their message out out to the masses.
Trump called his media critics “losers” who work for publications that lose money and are “probably not going to be around very long.”
“I attack them and usually they stop attacking,” he said, again crediting his millions of followers on social media platforms for helping him push back.
At South Carolina’s Freedom Summit over the weekend, Trump, who will finance his own campaign, said he can make America great again because he would be the rare politician who would not be beholden to lobbyists, donors and special interests. In fact, he emphatically declared that he didn’t “give a sh*t about lobbyists” to a rousing standing ovation.


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