Even After Fall Of Ramadi, White House Insists ISIS Momentum ‘Blunted’

AP Photo
AP Photo

The White House does not appear to believe that the mission to “degrade and destroy” Islamic State terrorists in Iraq has suffered a major setback despite the fall of Ramadi.

During the White House press briefing this afternoon, Deputy Press Secretary Eric Schultz admitted that ISIS was “attempting an offensive” in Ramadi, but added that coalition and Iraqi forces were still continuing to fight the organization.

“It’s been a while since this has come up in this briefing, so let me just give you our latest rundown of the progress that we have indeed been making,” he said, citing a list of accomplishments against ISIS as proof that the terrorist group’s momentum had been “blunted.”

When asked if the White House was re-evaluating the strategy against ISIS, Schultz reminded reporters that Obama viewed the fight as a long term strategy.

“The president has been clear that this is going to be a long term proposition, that there will be ebbs and flows to this fight, he is committed making sure we’re successful,” he said.


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