California Democrats Eagerly Await Elizabeth Warren

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Michelle Moons

Next door to “the happiest place on earth” California Democrats are gathering in Anaheim for their 2015 state convention in great anticipation of progressive favorite Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

Also to come for the weekend: dueling U.S. Senate candidates AG Kamala Harris and Rep. Loretta Sanchez, anti-vaccination mandate protesters, a performance from Sugar Ray at the House of Blues, and words from Rep. Barney Frank, then top it off with a marijuana brownie celebration for good measure.

Events kicked off Friday with workshops on “MOE: Mobilize, Organize, Elect,” and a panel on “Income Inequality.”

At the Chairman’s welcome reception, Governor Jerry Brown said a few words before jetting off for the weekend for what he said was some personal time. On his way out he indicated that he raised money for the party during the day. When asked about a Jerry Brown Presidential run, Democratic Campaign Strategist Bob Mulholland said not unless everyone else dropped out and that “He’s building his reputation.” Mulholland did indicate, “We need a good fight,” in the Presidential race. Rep. Nancy Pelosi made a brief appearance Friday night as well.

Within the crowd there were many attendees that indicated support for alternatives to Hillary Clinton for 2016, Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. Run Warren Run campaigners enthusiastically promoted their pick for President and were very much looking forward to Warren addressing the convention Saturday morning.

Young Bernie Sanders supporter Alessandro Neri told Breitbart News that he is seriously troubled by Hillary’s never ending scandals. Specifically Neri referenced the Benghazi scandal saying, “What difference does it make? It makes a difference, four Americans died.” Neri called Clinton untrustworthy and said that he would support either Sanders or Warren, but would not vote for Clinton. When asked about recent revelations such as those brought to light in Clinton Cash, Neri said he thinks she is hiding corrupt activities and that she should be in jail for corruption.

Senator Elizabeth Warren’s Saturday morning address is expected to draw significant attention. Buzz over Warren’s potential 2016 Presidential candidacy as the Hillary alternative has been met with denial from Warren. However, in light of Clinton’s scandalous financial revelations brought to light in Peter Schweizer’s book Clinton Cash, perhaps Democrat hope remains that Warren will reconsider and take on a 2016 run.

Ben Stetson with the Run Warren Run effort said his group expects a good showing tomorrow for Warren’s speech. “I don’t think Hillary has as strong a record as Elizabeth.” Stetson sees Warren as the candidate for the middle class, but hesitated to say anything negative against Clinton as to not be divisive. Stetson was particularly concerned with too big to fail banks that are “even bigger now,” using the taxpayer’s money. Stetson said the response he has been hearing since joining in with Run Warren Run, is ten to one support for Warren over Clinton.

Midday, Californians up in arms over vaccine mandate legislation SB 277 have planned a protest at the convention Saturday that will reach “critical mass” between 10am and 2pm according to details posted for the event.

California State Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de Leon and Assembly Speaker Toni Atkins are slated to address crowds at a legislative leadership luncheon midday Saturday.

At 4pm the two most prominent Democrat candidates to replace Barbara Boxer’s U.S. Senate seat will hold dueling mingling events. “Cookies with Kamala” Harris is sponsored by the LA County Young Democrats while “Margaritas & Mambo!” is hosted by Sanchez and Young Latino Democrats of California. Sanchez entered the Senate race this week, twice, the first in a Tuesday email, was quickly retracted. She made her bid official Thursday. The move brought real competition to Harris whose path to Democrat nomination had thus far been laid wide open.

Late Saturday brings a host of party on options, one of which will be the “Celebrate Cannabis Legalization in 2016” party complete with emblematic brownies alongside ice cream and a hosted bar. Brownie Mary Democratic Club and Assemblyman Jim Wood are hosting the event. “Politics, Sex and Cocktails” will be hosted by Planned Parenthood Affiliates of California.

Events will close out Sunday with some final resolutions business and phone banking for Susan Bonilla for State Senate.

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