MSNBC Panelist: Hillary ‘Not Mitt Romney,’ Humble Origin Make Clintons Suited to Rep Middle Class

On Saturday’s “Up with Steve Kornacki” on MSNBC, network regular Angela Rye, the CEO and principal of IMPACT Strategies, argued that despite the massive amount in earnings Bill and Hillary Clinton have compiled over the years in speaking fees, they still will be able to related to middle class values.

“I think part of this is we really do have to remember where these people came from,” Rye said. “Hillary Clinton is not Mitt Romney. This is a women who as soon as she finished law school worked for Marian Wright Edelman for the children’s defense fund. This is someone who fought for health care when it wasn’t a popular notion, and even now arguably not so popular with Jeb Bush’s Apple watch app idea. But I think that even still, we’re talking still about folks who are not that far off from representing middle class values, middle class people and folks who are striving to get into the middle class.”

“I do agree with you that they have epically failed in talking about their financial situation,” Rye continued. “And I hope that as time goes on they’re very clear about how to speak about this.”

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