Fournier: Hillary Doesn’t Realize ‘Now We Have 300 Million Reporters’ Thanks To Net

National Journal Senior Political Columnist and Editorial Director Ron Fournier stated that Hillary Clinton and her team don’t realize “we have this funny, little thing called the Internet, and now we have 300 million reporters” on Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Fournier said, “Yeah, I mean, this is the old playbook, the old Clinton playbook. This is the old, like you say, the Nixon playbook. It’s, you know, the Bush playbook. It’s from a different era. It’s from the 20th Century when you only had to schmooze or bully or outlast a handful of reporters, and the page would be turned. And what they don’t realize is that we have this funny, little thing called the Internet, and now we have 300 million reporters, not just a couple dozen. And you know, you can’t just talk your way out of a problem nowadays. You have to do something. So, — when she says something as laughable as they’re not my emails, they belong to the State Department, well, she sure treated them like they were her emails when she had a rogue server in her basement that went around the White House — violated the White House regulations on email. And when she says nobody wants the emails out more than me, well, then give them to us, ma’am. You have copies of them. It’s not like the State Department has the only copies. You know, it’s laughable.”

Later he stated, that with regard to her emails “she was worried about politics, and she got advice from politicians, and her political hacks and her cronies.”

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