Fournier: Hillary’s Campaign ‘Back to the Nineties ’90s,’ ‘Spouting the Same Old BS’

Thursday on  FOX News Radio’s “John Gibson Radio Show,” while discussing the many controversy swirling around Hillary Clinton, causing her trustworthy poll numbers to plummet, senior political columnist and editorial director of National Journal Ron Fournier said Hillary has a “a back to the ‘90s mindset.”

When host John Gibson pointed out the Clinton’s old cast of supporters, including Lanny Davis, David Brock and James Carville, are all back, Fournier said, “When you take that group in its entirety and you look at how she has been running her campaign, so far it’s clearly a back to the ‘90s mindset. They are still operating as if all you have to deal with on presidential communications is a couple dozen reporters and their editors, and if you can schmooze them enough—if you can intimidate them enough—if you can impress them enough—if you can persuade them enough—not all negative, but if you can make your case to them, you got a story contained—you managed a story—you only had to deal with the so-called gatekeepers.”

“Now we have this funny little thing called the internet” he continued, “There is now three hundred million reporters and researchers out there who can see for themselves that, hey this is the same old crowd spouting the same old BS, spinning the stories like they used to. What they are telling us is true is not true. And it’s hurting her and it’s really damaging her credibility.”

He concluded her campaign will not be successful if that path is continued saying, “That what worked in the ‘90s with Bill Clinton, she is not Bill Clinton and this is not the 1990s.”

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