Sachs, Corn: Clintons ‘Ultimate Schmoozers,’ ‘In Utter Pursuit of Money’

Director of The Earth Institute, Special Advisor to United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, professor at Columbia University and economist, Dr. Jeffrey Sachs dubbed the Clintons the “ultimate schmoozers” who are “in utter pursuit of money…all the time,” a point Mother Jones DC Editor David Corn agreed with on Thursday’s “The Last Word” on MSNBC.

In a discussion on campaign finance reform and big donors, Sachs stated, “I think we have to say, the Clintons are not a pretty picture in this story. They are the ultimate schmoozers. Bill Clinton’s the one that opened the Democratic Party to Wall Street, really wrecked the party in ideological terms, I would say. And created a lot of the mischief that led here. And now we see just how, frankly, in utter pursuit of money they are all the time. So, this is a — they’re vulnerable vulnerable. Now, where’s a candidate? Maybe it is Bernie Sanders, but somebody can stand up and make this point and get quite far down the road on this.”

Corn added, “Just an interesting thing is, I don’t disagree with anything that Jeffrey just said, but one of the four issues that Hillary identified — her themes — is going after big money. She knows she’s vulnerable, and I think she’s going to try to address that.”

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