Fiorina: Hillary’s Leadership Has Placed Us in Grave Danger Around the World

On this weekends “Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace,” Republican presidential candidate and former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina said Hillary Clinton’s “leadership as secretary of state has placed us in grave danger around the world.”

Fiorina said “I come from a world where titles are just titles and talk is just talk. The questions I’m raising about Hillary Clinton, I take no delight in them. I’m concerned. you know, it is entirely legitimate when someone is running for the presidency of the United States to ask whether they are being transparent, whether they are trustworthy, whether they have a track record of leadership. Hillary Clinton has demonstrated over and over she is not transparent. Her leadership as secretary of state has placed us in grave danger around the world. These are entirely legitimate questions and questions I would ask of her on the general debate stage. questions that must be asked of her because the American people need to hear her answers.”

“She and bill Clinton are the personification of what 82 percent of Americans now consider the professional political class that is more concerned about preserving its power and its privilege than it is about doing the people’s business,” she continued. “It’s why 82 percent of the American people now think we need people from outside of the professional political class to serve in public office. Ours was intended to be a citizen government, by, for and of the people. so, she will clearly be the nominee of the Democrat party and our nominee must take the fight to her because we need to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. Then we need someone in the oval office who can actually do the job.”

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