Conservative Opportunity Society Hires Executive Director

Steve King
Gage Skidmore
Washington, DC

Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) has announced that the House Republican Conference Member group, the Conservative Opportunity Society (COS), has hired Chris Stevens as its executive director and formalized into an official organization.

King has chaired the conservative group, which hosts a Wednesday House Republican Member’s breakfast, for the past decade.

The official release states:

When COS was first formed by Newt Gingrich and others in 1983, now over 30 years ago, it was done so to promote conservative ideas. COS was formed in the same kind of climate that exists today – a dissatisfaction about Washington from the American people and the direction of the Republican Party. COS is a group of Republican Members who are committed to representing the conservative agenda in the House of Representatives and throughout the U.S.

The mission of COS is to be the full-spectrum, Constitutional, conservative conscience of the House that advances policies based on our country’s founding principles: the Rule of Law, limited government, a strong national defense and strong family values. COS will continue to restore the pillars of American Exceptionalism and get back to the ideals and principles of our Founding Fathers.


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