Watch: Press Push Back Against WH Handling of Bomb Threat

Tuesday, the White House press briefing was shut down reportedly because of a “telephonic bomb threat.”

After the White House press corps returned to the Brady Press Room, they expressed their frustration and peppered press secretary Josh Earnest with so many questions, he asked for them to speak “one at a time.”

ABC News White House correspondent Jon Karl was clearly angered over the network’s camera being covered with newspapers and T- shirts by guards as dogs were searching the briefing room, saying, “These are cameras owned by news organizations.”

Watch (Part 2):

The White House correspondent and Washington bureau chief for American Urban Radio Networks, April Ryan, pointed out the president and his staff  were not evacuated, saying, “With the seat of power just feet away, and they were not moved, but we had to be pushed back, there is something not jiving, not mixing. It just seems odd.”

Watch (Part 3):

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