Gov. Christie: Blame Democrats For NJ Gun Laws, Not Me


On June 9, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) responded to a questions about gun control in his state by blaming Democrat legislators.

According to, Christie was speaking at the Saint Anselm Institute of Politics, where he took questions from audience members.

When asked about the death of Carol Bowne–the Berlin Township resident who was killed in her own driveway while waiting on state permission to own a handgun for self-defense–Christie said, “I’m dealing with a Democratic legislature — that’s what New Jersey’s given me. They have a very, very different view of the Second Amendment than I do. But they’re going to have to answer for these things.”

He did admit that Bowne’s death will focus attention on gun control for a time, but said he is not sure any real change to the gun control laws will result. He put it this way: “The Carol Bowne situation is going to force more conversation in our state, although I am not confident that it will change.”

He then cited his pardon of black aspiring cop Steffon Josey-Davis to show that he is trying to intervene for those wrongly burdened by the draconian gun laws in the state. He said, “No matter what laws [the Democrats] pass, the governor does have the right to look at the administration of justice. And if I think an injustice has been committed, I have under the constitution, pardon power to do that.”

Christie did not mention that a governor also has the right to veto the gun control which Democrats pass.

He said it was a shame New Jersey “is not yet a dictatorship,” as being one would give him the power to unilaterally do away with numerous gun laws in the state. Yet he has previously said he is committed to “strictly enforcing” New Jersey’s gun laws.

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