Spokesperson: ‘Rachel Dolezal No Longer Works for Eastern Washington University’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

***UPDATE (with headline change):

Breitbart News spoke with David Meany, the person in charge of media relations at Eastern Washington University (EWU), where Rachel Dolezal was listed as a professor of Africana Studies. He said Dolezal’s contract with EWU expired June 12th and she is “no longer an employee of Eastern Washington University.”

“Dolezal was listed as a professor but she was never a professor,” Meany explained. “Either she or one of her staffers listed her inaccurately as a professor.” Meany told Breitbart News,  Dolezal was an “adjunct instructor hired on a quarterly basis.” He added that she has been hired on a quarterly basis since 2010 and that her profile was taken down from the school’s website to “avoid confusion.”

“People thought she was a professor and we were getting a lot of calls asking how we could have her working here.”

When asked if Dolezal’s contract would be renewed next quarter, as it has been every quarter since 2010, he said he had no idea.


Early Monday afternoon, Rachel Dolezal, the 37 year-old blonde-haired, freckle-faced white woman who was caught pretending to be black last week, was still listed as a professor of Africana Studies at Eastern Washington University.

Dolezal’s name and profile have now been removed from EWU’s website.

In the wake of Dolezal’s resignation from the NAACP Monday, Breitbart News reached out to EWU to ask about her status. At 1pm ET, when we left numerous voice mail messages for EWU’s media relations department, Dolezal’s name and profile were still live on the web page.

As of late this afternoon, when you click on the search link that is supposed to go to her page, you are sent to the main Africana Studies Program page. Nor is she listed as a member of the staff in the pulldown menu.


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